Poetry Corner (With Henry Rollins)

As I previously said lower on this page, I'm reading a Henry Rollins book that contains two anthologies of his early prose. Rollins himself makes fun of his first works saying things like: "I AM THE ENIGMA, I AM THE DARKNESS, NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME, pleasefuckme". Rightfully so. Some of his earlier stuff is ridiculous:

I need to burn. Yes, I must burn.My heart tonight, burn. Tonight I take heavy tools to my mind. Touch me. Make me burn. Tonight, my heart. Burning, rising. Touch me. Reduce me. Tonight I melt iron with my soul. Tonight I lay torched in my cell. My heart launches with vulture's wings. Destroy me. My heart, tonight, my heart. Turn me to ash. Tonight I melt iron with my soul. Touch me Annihilate. Annihilate. Annihilate.

I laughed out loud in the subway while reading this. It's worthy of violins and petunias. But Rollins being Rollins, he's always swinging hard. When he cracks one out of the park,it's going very far:

How are you today? Are you climbing that ladder? They told you all about that ladder. Climb that ladder and find that salvation. Sure is a hard climb I bet. Arms getting tired? Sure is a long ladder. Faith, is that the word they used? Hope? Have mercy. I've been watching you from a long ways off.You're not climbing on any ladder. You're running on a tread wheel. Get off that wheel. You got to get off that wheel before it runs you into the ground.

Rollins' books have a funny effect on me. They make me more focused. Reading such raw introspection put me in front on myself and force me to think about me, who am I and what do I want to accomplish. I guess it's the perks of really connecting with a writer. Stay tuned for my review coming sometime in the next days.

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