Guns N' Roses - Estranged

Josie and I went to see Apocalyptica yesterday. The Finnish squad pulled together an amazing show and gave me quite a few titles with gorgeous string arrangements and newly found, pompous lyrics to make you discover. But not just yet. All week, I had this song Estranged by Guns N' Roses in mind. Funny thing, I have seen the title on my Guns N' Roses albums for almost twenty years, but it's not before I had read about the ridiculously over the top video from Chuck Klosterman, that I actually listened to the song. I used to skip over it all the time. Now I'm playing catch up for the nineteen and something years since this song have been out.

I like it so much, because it's so off-beat for the kind of luxuriant mixture of butt-rock and metal that Guns is used to do. It's some sort of weird atmospheric-bluesy-rock song. I don't know about you, but I get this odd sense of loneliness from it. You can almost hear the silence from a person that is supposed to be there, like an estranged lover. Axl clearly plays out of his comfort zone on this one and despite the song being a huge flop back then, I think it suits him great. Oh yeah, Slash and him complement each other so well. Try not to watch the clip on the first listen and let it run in the background. It might suck a little serious out of it if you do. But it's such a nine minutes long rock n' roll cliché it's worth a view at your second listen.

Guns N' Roses - Estranged

When you're talkin to yourself
And nobody's home
You can fool yourself
You came in this world alone

So nobody ever told you baby
How it was gonna be
So what'll happen to you baby
Guess we'll have to wait and see

Old at heart but I'm only 28
And I'm much too young
To let love break my heart
Young at heart but it's getting much too late
To find ourselves so far apart

I don't know how you're s'posed
To find me lately
An what more could tou ask from me
How could you say that I never needed you
When you took everything
Said you took everything from me

Young at heart an it gets so hard to wait
When no one I know can seem to help me now
Old at heart but I musn't hesitate
If I'm to find my own way out

Still talkin' to myself
and nobody's home

So nobody ever told us baby
How it was gonna be
So what'll happen to us baby
Guess we'll have to wait and see

When I find out all the reasons
Maybe I'll find another way
Find another day
With all the changing seasons of my life
Maybe I'll get it right next time
An now that you've been broken down
Got your head out of the clouds
You're back down on the ground
And you don't talk so loud
An you don't walk so proud
Any more, and what for

Well I jumped into the river
Too many times to make it home
I'm out here on my own, an drifting all alone
If it doesn't show give it time
To read between the lines
'Cause I see the storm getting closer
And the waves they get so high
Seems everything We've ever known's here
Why must it drift away and die

I'll never find anyone to replace you
Guess I'll have to make it thru, this time- Oh this time
Without you

I know the storm was getting closer
And all my friends said I was high
But everything we've ever known's here
I never wanted it to die

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