New Game Diaries For November - Uncharted 3

I don't do this nearly enough. Last game diaries I wrote was for L.A NOIRE in May, a game I played through in about ten days*. Since then, I have played two games only. I finished RED DEAD REDEMPTION and am well into INFAMOUS (not sure I will have time to play this through). The reason why I haven't played much video games this year is that I spent an obscene amount of time furiously writing and reading my young and angsty ass off. There's been a lull in the creativity this month (as you might know already) so I have spent some of those blank minded hours playing INFAMOUS and PORTAL 2, with Josie. Since November is a BATSHIT INSANE month for video games releases **, I will organize my schedule better and make some time to play some of those god-awesome games.

First stop? UNCHARTED 3! *thunder roars*

If you're not familiar with the adventures of Nathan Drake, he's awesome and he's not and that's exactly why I'm so attached to him. He's an annoying pretty boy type. Athletic, wisecracking jock who has never encountered lady failure before starting to fuck with war criminals types. Fortunately for us gamers, seems like the staff of Naughty Dog Games is sharing my opinion about the guy and have started to thoroughly beat the shit out of him in UNCHARTED 2. There's something satisfying in seeing a jock guy on the razor's edge and giving him a second chance. According to the numerous raving reviews they push the darkness button even further down and the action scenes are even more over the top***.

UNCHARTED 3 will probably be the only diary I do this month (because I have to write also, you know?) Expect SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD for December.

* A game that was really good, also.

** Three of my favorite franchises releasing their newest games.

*** While over-the-top action scenes are often very boring on the big screen, I can assure they never get old in video games, where you have the perform the crazy over-the-top things.


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