Tom Waits - Rain Dogs/Way Down in the Hole

This week, I asked the all-seing Twitters what were the songs I had to listen to, in order to "get" Tom Waits, an artist that had eluded my sensibility for the longest time. A voice from the sky didn't answer me, but Ray Banks and Kent Gowran did. That's even better. Among the songs they named, RAIN DOGS stuck to me the most. I decided to thrown in WAY DOWN IN THE HOLE with it, because of THE WIRE. It was amazing and it was an even more amazing theme song. I prefer the version by The Blind Boys of Alabama. But you know, music appreciation is subjective! Enjoy the peculiar madness of Tom Waits.

Tom Waits - RAIN DOGS

Inside a broken clock
Splashing the wine
With all the Rain Dogs
Taxi, we'd rather walk.
Huddle a doorway with the Rain Dogs
For i am a Rain Dog, too.

Oh, how we danced and we swallowed the night
For it was all ripe for dreamin
Oh, how we danced away
All of the lights
We've always been out of our minds.

The Rum pours strong and thin
Beat out the dustman
With the Rain Dogs
Aboard a shipwreck train
Give my umbrella to the Rain Dogs
For I am a Rain Dog, too.

Oh, how we danced with the
Rose of Tralee
Her long hair black as a raven
Oh, how we danced and you
Whispered to me
You'll never be going back home,
You'll never be going back home.


When you walk through the garden
you gotta watch your back
well I beg your pardon
walk the straight and narrow track
if you walk with Jesus
he's gonna save your soul
you gotta keep the devil
way down in the hole
he's got the fire and the fury
at his command
well you don't have to worry
if you hold on to Jesus hand
we'll all be safe from Satan
when the thunder rolls
just gotta help me keep the devil
way down in the hole
All the angels sing about Jesus' mighty sword
and they'll shield you with their wings
and keep you close to the lord
don't pay heed to temptation
for his hands are so cold
you gotta help me keep the devil
way down in the hole


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  1. I have enjoyed Tom Waits for years. And this song and all of its version was a perfect fit for The Wire.

    Here is a link for a free concert of his

  2. It's odd, but every writer I know loves Waits. If you haven't heard them, Ben, might I suggest you give a listen to "Telephone Call from Istanbul" and "Jockey Full of Bourbon".