Audiovisual Interlude

#1 - I think this is the latest interview with Henry (well, it's the latest I could find). It's the sequel of his legendary interview with Naduwar, thirteen years later. It's a much better interview. Naduwar is still all over the place and it's still not very focused, but at least this time both guys working together. It's also good to have more an update on Henry and what he's up to.

#2 - Another interview, with Chuck Klosterman this time. He introduces his latest novel THE VISIBLE MAN to the charming folks of MSNBC. It's the best breakdown that I've heard about it yet. Most reviews and blurbs are being abstract as it gets. Klosterman is also being his natural, charming self. I said it before, but he's aging like good wine. If you're interested in it.

#3 - A little brawl story from The Joe Rogan Experience. It's just great storytelling. Stand-up comedians know how to deliver. Reading crime and pulp fiction, I find myself being very picky  with action scenes. There is a way to deliver great action scenes and Joe Rogan knows a thing or two about that. There is a lot of those enjoyable little vignettes on Rogan's podcast.


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  1. I met Rogan once. Really cool dude. And he has fringe political theories, like myself. I figure we'd get along fine. And he'd be great to have on your side in a bar brawl.