Dead End Follies Awards 2012 - Eligibility List

Raymond Chandler is on pins and needles.

My 2011-12 reading season is officially over. For the last two years, I've been sorting out my favorite yearly reads under the form of an award ceremony. It's fun and it allows to reward different aspects of literature. I announced nominees all over November, for the following thirteen categories:

Best Book Cover

Funniest Book

Best Short Story

Best Short Story Collection (new category)

Best Non-Fiction Book

Best New Book (Published in 2012)

Best Novella  (new category)

Best Crime Novel

Best Literary Novel

Best New Writer (that I hadn't previously read)

Best Female Character

Best Male Character

Best Novel

These are blog awards, so I don't exactly feel bound by any sorts of ethics, except my own judgment and integrity. The only requirement to be eligible for the award is that I must have completed reading your book in the period from November 1st 2011 to October 31st 2012. It can be a new book or two hundred years old, I don't care. It's based on my personal readings alone. It's been probably my busiest reading year so far, with 112 books. So here is the list of eligible works. 

John Rector - Already Gone

Leonard Fritz - In Nine Kinds Of Pain

James Lee Burke - The Neon Rain

The Dirty Poet - Emergency Room Wrestling

John Fowles - The Collector

Anne R. Allen - The Gatsby Game

John Rector - The Grove

Anthony Neil Smith - All The Young Warriors

Andrew Vachss - Strega

Edward A. Granger - The Adventures Of Cash Laramie & Gideon Miles Vol. II

Richard Russo - Empire Falls

Paul Harding - Tinkers

Ray Banks - Dead Money

John Rector - The Cold Kiss

Duane Swierczynski - Hell & Gone

Jonathan Franzen - Freedom

Dani Amore - Death By Sarcasm

Keith Rawson - The Chaos We Know

Chuck Klosterman - IV

Pearce Hansen - Gun Sex

Jack Kerouac - On The Road

R. Thomas Brown - Merciless Pact

Jutta Profijt - Morgue Drawer Four

Pearce Hansen - Street Raised

McDroll - Kick It Together

Lawrence Block - The Sins of the Fathers

Tom Piccirilli - Every Shallow Cut

Ed Lynskey - Ask The Dice

James Warner - All Her Father’s Guns

R. Thomas Brown - Mayhem

Chuck Wendig - Blackbirds

Heath Lowrance - Miles to Little Ridge

Robert Stone - Dog Soldiers

Michael Offutt - Slipstream

Eric Beetner - Dig Two Graves

Lawrence Block - Time to Murder and Create

Malachi Stone - Wicked King Dick

Derek Hayes - The Maladjusted

Gerard Brennan - Wee Rockets

Scott Phillips - The Adjustment

Ryan W. Bradley - Code for Failure

Richard Godwin - Apostle Rising

Daniel O’Shea - Old School

William Gay - Twilight

Allan Guthrie - Savage Night

Craig Clevenger - The Contortionist’s Handbook

Tao Lin - Shoplifting from American Apparel

Victor Gischler - The Deputy

Richard Godwin - Mr. Glamour

Nik Korpon - By the Nails of the Warpriest

Robert Pobi - Bloodman

Howard Linskey - The Drop

Gaston Leroux - Le Fantôme de l’Opéra

Roger Smith - Dust Devils

Tom Piccirilli - The Last Kind Words

Nik Korpon - Old Ghosts

Warren Ellis - Crooked Little Vein

Chris F. Holm - 8 Pounds

Lawrence Block - In The Midst Of Death

Roger Smith - Ishmael Toffee

Ben Tanzer - My Father’s House

William Gay - Provinces of Night

Richard Godwin - Piquant: Tales of the Mustard Man

Anthony Neil Smith - Psychosomatic

S.E Hinton - The Outsiders

Richard Lloyd Parry - People Who Eat Darkness

Col Bury - Manchester 6

Joe R. Lansdale - The Bottoms

Julia Madeleine - The Truth About Scarlet Rose

David Foster Wallace - Oblivion

Will Christopher Baer - Kiss Me, Judas

Jason Lee Norman - Americas

Ken Kesey - One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest

Fingers Murphy - Everything I Tell You is a Lie

Ben Tanzer - So Different Now

Jenniver Hillier - Freak

Steve Finbow - Nothing Matters

Jim Thompson - Savage Night

Chuck Wendig - Shotgun Gravy

H.G Wells - The Island of Dr. Moreau

Don Winslow - Savages

Paul D. Brazill - Drunk on the Moon

Hilary Davidson - The Damage Done

Andrez Bergen - Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat

Tom Piccirilli - Clown in the Moonlight

John Updike - The Centaur

Larry Bird - Drive

Iain Banks - The Wasp Factory

Don Winslow - The Kings of Cool

Denis Johnson - Jesus’ Son

R. Thomas Brown - Hill Country

Elmore Leonard - Pronto

Chad Rohrbacher - The Azreal Deception

Chris F. Holm - Dead Harvest

Dave Zeltserman - Outsourced

Thomas Harris - Red Dragon

Roger Smith - Capture

Chuck Klosterman - Downtown Owl

Burning Bridges: A Renegade Fiction Anthology

Donald Ray Pollock - Knockemstiff

Vincent Zandri - The Innocent

Sara Blaedel - Only One Life

Ben Tanzer - 99 Problems

Thomas Harris - The Silence of the Lambs

Marcus Sakey - Scar Tissue : Seven Stories of Love and Wounds

Joe R. Lansdale - Savage Season

Jack Rylance -Copacabana

John Hornor Jacobs - This Dark Earth

Beat to a Pulp - A Rip Through Time

Carson McCullers - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Tony Black - The Storm Without

Harlan Ellison - Shatterday


I'm a pop culture blogger and author living in Montreal, Canada with my better half Josie and my dog Scarlett. I am a proud member of author collective Zelmer Pulp and have about a dozen of short stories published to my resume.


  1. I vote for that Michael Offutt fella! :P Seriously though, Ben. Holy cow. How fast do you read man? This list is very impressive. You're blowing me away and I thought I read pretty fast (finished six books in the last month).

  2. I read about two books a week. Three when they're short so the math adds up. Kindle allows you to read stuff under 100 pages. James Ellroy has a novella coming up. 78 pages, about a smut magazine writer trying to buy his way into heaven. Can't wait.