Dead End Follies Awards 2012 - Best New Writer

Dennis Lehane is being old school.

When you read as much as I do, trying new writers is something you do often. That's one of my quiet literary pleasures, so snatch a book by a writer I have never read before. I try to have one every book haul that I do.  That's the cool thing about literature. Whenever you think you've seen everything there is about a genre you like, you stumble upon a new vein of material and realize you've been looking at a small portion of what's available out there. It's even more true with the eBooks revolution. Good stories flood the market like a tidal wave nowadays and plenty of amazing new writer break out all the time. Here are the four who impressed me the most this year. There were a lot, so I had to give for criteria that I have read more than one of their books during the reading year. The nominees are...

This is a hard, hard one to decide. They all had a huge impact one me as a reader AND a writer. Your opinion?


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