Dead End Follies Awards 2012 : Best Novella, Best Crime Novel & Best Literary Novel

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We're entering the last stretch of the Dead End Follies Awards. My very best readings are starting to resurface and reap the awards. Today the Best Novella, Best Crime Novel and Best Literary Novel are being rewarded. I feel it's what I've been doing all year, read novellas, crime and literary book, so these winners really jumped out of the lot and rocked my world. Without further ado...

Best Novella

Dig Two Graves, by Eric Beetner

For its self-aware sense of humor and its self-consciousness about the crime genre clich├ęs. Beetner's novella shows a surprisingly deep emotional range despite being paced with black humor. 

Best Crime Novel

Capture, by Roger Smith
For its unique glimpse at the throes of depression and the damage is does when a human being lets go of all responsibility. Capture is a complex and ambitious narrative, yet its true to Roger Smith's credo of exposing the myriad of injustices happening in South Africa.

Best Literary Novel

Code for Failure, by Ryan W. Bradley
For its poignant and realistic take on a youth that's been told they could realize their dreams and yet all dreamt about the same abstract things. Bradley and his narrator pick up the pieces, propose positive alternatives and look at universal truths without any delusions.

Congratulations to the winners! The Best Writers Award will be announced on Saturday and the rest will be on Tuesday and Thursday of next week.


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