Dead End Follies Awards 2012 : Nominees for Best Female/Male Characters

Those guys can't wait for these nominations to be over.

Disclaimer: This nomination process is taking way too much time. I thought I could cram it in a month like last year, but I was wrong. So since best male/female characters are somewhat cousin categories, I boxed them together, so we could finish this week. If you don't like it, well...sue me. 

I don't know why you read novels, but I do. Characters. You can tell me any story you want, as long as you five me somebody to root for, I'll follow you on bloody stumps through the snow (dixit Henry Rollins). There are two different categories, because male characters and female characters can be awesome for such different reasons, so they both deserve an award. I have read dozens of great characters over the year, but these are the eight very best, that pulled me into their story like an alligator rolls their victim under water. All of the books are eligible for this category, since it's not the book itself that's rewarded, but only a character. Here are the nominees...
Best Female Character

Best Male Character

That's right, two male characters written by female writers. Game's on. Tomorrow is last category, best novel!


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  1. Yes, I hesitated between nominating her or Myriam Black and as I think BLACKBIRDS is a better novel, I think the best character is Atlanta Burns. Black actually sounds too much like Wendig himself, I find.