Dead End Follies Awards 2012 - Nominees for Best Novel

That's right guys, neither of you is nominated.

I read a lot of books. You all know that. A question I often have from my readers (formulated in a more or less polite manner, depending on the reader), is how can a book get a five starts rating? Not many books get it. About 10% of my total readings. The answer is easy, yet imprecise. It has to involve me emotionally, make me lose my wheels, at least for a bit. Cutting it down to four novels was extremely difficult, but the nominees for this category were the absolute four best novels I've read this year and would rank high on an all-time list. Everybody, from any reading background could enjoy these. Gems of this quality aren't always easy to come by, buy when you read them, it's all worth it. Here they are.

Nominees for Best Novel

That's it folks, this concludes the round of nomination for this year's Dead End Follies Awards. Next week, nine winners will be announced (3 per posts). The rest will be announced from the 14th to the 21st. Time to finish these debates!


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