Dick Dale - Pipeline

It's been a strange week. I'm currently between two jobs (will start again on January 9th) and meanwhile, I'm alone in a quiet household, trying to recuperate from what has been a very demanding and not-so-productive Fall. It's like the world is winding down and my thought are slowly getting back into place. I listen to strange, instrumental songs like PIPELINE, by Dick Dale, that sounds like surf music in space. It's both upbeat and wordless, so I can keep scrambling to get my thoughts back from wherever they went into hiding. When I'll look back to this month of solitude and writing, I'll think of PIPELINE as my theme song. Let it rock your Sunday, for it fits its cozy mood.


I'm a pop culture blogger and author living in Montreal, Canada with my better half Josie and my dog Scarlett. I am a proud member of author collective Zelmer Pulp and have about a dozen of short stories published to my resume.

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