Dead End Follies on Facebook, Project 2.0


About a year ago, I created a LIKE page for Dead End Follies on Facebook. I didn't have any real use for it, so I just syndicated the blog posts to facilitate the site's reach. Obviously, it wasn't very successful. On social media, you get back what you put in. 

So in my effort to streamline Dead End Follies and make it more fuel efficient, I have decided to revive the Dead End Follies' Facebook Page. Why? So I can have a proper output for my fascination with internet culture.

As much as I love the internets, Dead End Follies isn't always the proper place to share and discuss, for it has both a visual and an instantaneous nature. So instead of sharing my best of the internet on the blog, I'll do it on the Facebook page

What will you find there? Only the filtered best viral stuff out there. Actuality, Sardonic Humor, Various Arts-Related Topics and the occasional blog post, when relevant (i.e. most reviews). Also, I promise not to clog your timeline, Little-White-Lion-Style, posting edgy self-improvement stuff all day. I'll share about five to ten items a day. Only the best and strangest stuff the internet has to offer, so you can share them and by crowned King/Queen of the Web.


I'm a pop culture blogger and author living in Montreal, Canada with my better half Josie and my dog Scarlett. I am a proud member of author collective Zelmer Pulp and have about a dozen of short stories published to my resume.

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