Life Note - Wolf Tickets

wolf tickets

1. To speak aggressively to someone without intending to back it up with violence. 

2. To tell a story or claim that is inherently false and has no chance of occurring. Stems from the boy who cried wolf, thus leading to wolf tickets being sold by the boy.

I went to UFC 158, last Saturday.  During the extremely entertaining pre-fight week, Nick Diaz affirmed that the UFC was selling wolf tickets to people. Everybody in the room had a good laugh at the ghetto boy using another ghetto-ass expression. It was one of the many things he said that week that people didn't give a second thought to. But was he wrong?


Josie and I had good places that came at a great price, thanks to a very nice friend of mine. Although, we were probably the only people in our section that didn't believe GSP Vs Nick Diaz would be competitive in any way. A wolf ticket was sold and nobody had the courage to buy on this one. 

Everybody around us preferred to believe the story and shower Diaz in the most creative insults. GSP's brand is based around his background story as a bullied kid turned mixed martial arts champion and this fight was a setup for a satisfying beatdown. Because you're never really a ''former bullied kid''. That shit follows you all your life. You always have that chip on your shoulder.That, I understand.

The story behind GSP Vs Diaz was of the utmost interest to me for one specific reason: If you're fighting the bullied kid, does that make you a bully? I don't think Nick Diaz was a bully. Maybe a loudmouth, but not a bully. He's a kid with surprisingly sharp ideas and below average communication skills. I'll gladly to over what he said in a further post if you don't believe me. Last Saturday, it was the bullied kid Vs no-luck kid that fought. Something right out of a Greek Tragedy. GSP won the fight, but no one really won anything.

Despite what the manipulative poster lead you to think, it was not bullied kid Vs bully. Contrary to widespread belief, the little guy didn't win this one. He got bullied around for five rounds.

You've been sold a wolf ticket.


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