Skunk Anansie - Charlie Big Potato

I'm always suspicious of artists with a cause. I never know if I'm supposed to like them because they're good people or because their movie/novel/song is genuinely good and moving. When Skunk Anansie decided to tackle child abuse, they didn't have this problem. Thanks to simple but solid writing and a crazy powerful performance from their lead singer Skin (aslo known as Deborah Dyer). Seriously, just look at her crawling along the walls like she's a goddamn spider. Skunk Anansie's fans know her to be quite the intense performer, but she deserves your attention if you didn't already know about her. CHARLIE BIG POTATO is probably their biggest success and one of the most haunting songs ever written about child abuse. It's also one of Josie's all-time favorite songs. It's worth a few minutes of your time for more than just being a noble cause.


I awake
From blood thick dreams
Washing blame
From my knees
Softly done
So secretly
I'm awake
As Charlie sleeps

A lone brother, A lone sister
A home cover, alone

I awake
Dry the scream
Spit the vile breath
Till my tongue bleeds
Thinks it's all gone
Broke the hard girl
Good to please

Tell it like it is
Tell it like it is
Tell the sordid truth
Tell them
Tell it like it is
Tell them


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