Sully Erna - Sinner's Prayer

Regular readers know my appreciation for the music of Sully Erna and Godsmack already. I chose to share his song SINNER'S PRAYER this week for a particular reason, though. It's such an efficient song. It's short, unique and has a visceral appeal that is difficult to articular. It illustrates how songwriting often works as the opposite of literature. Don't try to literally tell a story, instead offer a series of images that sound badass yet that don't make much sense (i.e. seeing one's soul through a woman's eyes).  It's hard to tell the precise subject of SINNER'S PRAYER. Maybe guilt, desire or drug abuse. Something. Sure thing, it's not just about the passing of a warrior's soul. If you think that, you need a class in metaphor. But you don't think that, do you? Whatever you think is the subject of SINNER'S PRAYER, it's a great song.


To love the right,
yet do so wrong.
To be the weak,
yet burn to be so strong.

go rider, although your ride has been through life.
go rider, I see your soul through the devils eyes.

if I could live my life again,
would I have lived that life insane?

go rider, go ride into the night
go rider, now see your soul through a woman's eyes

I am a sinner
hold my prayers up to the sun
I am a sinner
heavens closed for what I've done

what have I done
what have I done?

I am sinner hold my prayers up to the sun
I am sinner
heavens closed for what I've done

Heavens closed for what I've done


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