The Noir Affliction

This week, it's my turn to be interviewed. Ryan Sayles, the man behind THE SUBTLE ART OF BRUTALITY has invited me to The Noir Afflication, his series of creepy fan fiction/interviews he runs at OUT OF THE GUTTER website. It's a very flattering to be asked for an interview and even more so to be the subject of a fan fiction, even if it's about feces, luchadors and I kill myself at the end. Means I made it, right? RIGHT? 

Anyway, Ryan's questions were great and they forced me to unpack my tools quite a bit. The good thing about having to answer somebody else's question is that it helps you define what you believe it better. So if you don't feel like reading scatological flash fiction, scroll down until you see bold text. That's you're cue that I'm starting to talk *.

Also, I wanted to announce that I'll be running a multiple-post long interview with THE RAPIST's author Les Edgerton. It will run over the next week or two and will probably have four or five parts. I didn't expect it to be that long, but as you will see, each questions I ask, Les comes up with one or two pages of FANTASTIC material! The interview clocks at a whopping fifteen pages and it's as fascinating as a greatest short stories. In the meantime, get THE RAPIST in advance **!

* But that short is quite something, in a what-the-fuck-am-I-reading kind of way. You may want to take the time.

** That sounds weird out of context.


I'm a pop culture blogger and author living in Montreal, Canada with my better half Josie and my dog Scarlett. I am a proud member of author collective Zelmer Pulp and have about a dozen of short stories published to my resume.

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