The Bronx - Heart Attack American

It can happen at the rock show. You come to see a band, wait all night to see them and right before they come on stage, the final opening act kicks you in the balls, steals your wallet and leaves you prey to a frenzied crowd. It didn't quite happen last month at Bad Religion, but it came quite close. Opening act The Bronx topped their set with that song, HEART ATTACK AMERICAN, where the frontman Matt Caughtran descends into the crowd and signs the entire song IN the mosh pit. While I liked their entire performance (a lot), this song had a special energy to it. The kind of energy that makes you want to punch walls and break things. The good kind. When I play HEART ATTACK AMERICAN I realize I haven't completely lost touch with whom I once wanted to be. Enjoy.


I'm done telling you that I'm in love
What I have will never be enough
Come on baby go live life on your own
Everything inside is breaking down
And you don't want to be hanging around
I don't think I want to leave myself alone

I'm done having to apologize
I'm done living inside your eyes
When the lights go out what's left to know
Nothing ever makes sense to me
A broken branch of the family tree
Kill the lights now baby watch me explode

There is no revolution
And I'm done doing things I don't want to do
There is no restitution

And I'm done living in this decline
I'm done watching you redesign
Come on baby let's go walk out the door
I'm done showing up to fucking work
Taking orders from a fucking bitch
I'm in the chair now go ahead and flip the switch

I'm done doing things I don't want to do
And I'm sick and tired of setting up to be like you
Fucked up thrown out and overdue
I'm fucking done

There is no revolution [3x]


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