Type O Negative - My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

I'm sorry. If you didn't know who Peter Steele was before clicking on that video, you're probably confused and disturbed by now. Whether you embrace his way or despise them, he's a man you can't forget. He lead a band of depressive, giant gothic rockers, posed for Playgirl, recorded the most awesome album intro of all-time, shot several awesomely depressed videos, died young, stuff like that. It turns a man into a legend, especially in the internet age. He died or heart failure in 2010, at 48 years old. Nobody expected it, but you can only take so many years of hard liquor and cocaine. MY GIRLFRIEND'S GIRLFRIEND is how I discovered Steele's band Type O Negative. I was thirteen years old and I couldn't look away. Love him or hate him, he was one of a kind. This one's for you, Peter. Whatever place you might be haunting now, thanks for the years of oddities.


Say "ah"
Say "ah".

It's no secret we're close
As sweaty velcro,
Like latex, fur and feathers
Stuck together

In their '62 'vette
Sharing one cigarette,
In a black light trance then
Go go dance

Go go trance

They keep me warm on cold nights
We must be quite a sight,
In our meat triangle
All tangled.


My girlfriend's girlfriend
She looks like you,
My girlfriend's girlfriend
She's my girl too.

Her and me an her and she and me
An uncrowded couple
are we three?

Hey we don't care what people say,
When walking hand in hand down Kings Highway
Two for one today.

My girlfriend's girlfriend
She looks like you
My girlfriend's girlfriend
She's my girl too

My girlfriend's girlfriend
She looks like you
My girlfriend's girlfriend
She's my girl...


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  1. Quite a good band; kind of doomy goth metal. I've got some of their records >:)

    Cold As Heaven