Hoods, Hot Rods, Hellcats and IndieGoGo

Friend of Dead End Follies Chad Eagleton has been hinting to this collection of 1950's rockabilly crime fiction HOODS, HOT RODS AND HELLCATS for a while, and not that it's almost out of the oven, he turns on us to help make it the success it should be. There is an IndieGoGo campaign going on, to help gather funds for a proper launch. 

There are several great writers tied-in with this project, including personal favorites such as Chad himself, Heath Lowrance, Eric Beetner, Matthew Funk, Nik Korpon and David James Keaton. Guys who usually stand-out in short story collections, now competing amongst themselves? Count me in. Plus, Chad got Mr. Mick Farren himself, lead singer of The Deviants and legendary rock n' roll mind to write the introduction.

 The 1950s is an incredibly cool era to write crime fiction about, because it was a time of overbearing optimism in American history. Everybody had dreams individually and collectively. The American Way of Life was the way to go. People lived without second thoughts, so it's interesting (at least to me) to dig out truth from under this seemingly carefree triumphalism.

So get involved, the perks Chad set up for backers are really cool. Be a part of the success, for this is a really cool, unique project. Visit the IndieGoGo campaign page or if you're too lazy to click away, here is the video presentation Chad made. 

So c'mon! Get behind, not in front!


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  1. Glad to hear it. I do too - it sounds a lot better than "Greaser Noir."