2013 Dead End Follies Awards - Categories & Eligible Works

Another year is about to end. Probably the most eventful year of my short, eclectic life. This means that another reading season is over and it's time to hand out Dead End Follies Awards. Simplified formula this year. One post for nominees. One post for winners. Eight categories, that's it. Here are the categories that survived the year :




BEST NEW BOOK (published in 2013)





Now, here are the 97 eligible books for this year.

Jedidiah Ayres - F*ckload of Shorts

John Irving - The World According to Garp

Tom Piccirilli - Fuckin’ Lie Down Already

Hilary Davidson - The Next One to Fall

David Cranmer - The Education of a Pulp Writer

Edward Bunker - Education of a Felon

John Rector - Lost Things

Chuck Palahniuk - Lullaby

James Ellroy - Shakedown

Edward Wright - From Blood

Heath Lowrance - Hawthorne Series No. 1-3

Joshua Davis - John McAfee’s Last Stand

Dennis Lehane - Live By Night

Wajdi Mouawad - Anima

Tom Piccirilli - All You Despise

Joshua Mohr - Fight Song

Pearce Hansen - Stagger Bay

Vince Flynn - Kill Shot

Jim Wilsky & Frank Zafiro - Blood on Blood

Trevanian - Shibumi

Jedidiah Ayres - Fierce Bitches

Hilary Davidson - Evil in All its Disguises

Malachi Stone - Conjurer’s Oath

George V. Higgins - The Friends of Eddie Coyle

Les Edgerton - The Rapist

Jamie Mason - Three Graves Full

Andrew Nette - Ghost Money

Chuck Wendig - Mockingbird

Ray Banks - Wolf Tickets

Dan O’Shea - Penance

Gerard Brennan - Fireproof

Paul Tremblay - Swallowing a Donkey’s Eye

Anonymous 9 - The 1st Short Story Collection

Feeding Kate

Tom Piccirilli - Loss

Chuck Klosterman - Eating the Dinosaur

Max Wilde - Vile Blood

Frank Bill - Donnybrook

Heath Lowrance - City of Heretics

Joe R. Lansdale - Mucho Mojo

Vincent Zandri - Godchild

Noam Chomsky - Power Systems

Craig Wallwork - Quintessence of Dust

Don DeLillo - Falling Man

Aaron Philip Clark - A Healthy Fear of Man

Tom Piccirilli - The Last Whisper in the Dark

Dave Zeltserman - Bad Thoughts

Lee Child - One Shot

Nik Korpon - Bar Scars

Anonymous 9 - Hard Bite

Joe Clifford - Choice Cuts

Alex Garland - The Beach

Bradley Sands - Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You

James Wood - The Fun Stuff and Other Essays

Warren Moore - Broken Glass Waltzes

Anthony Neil Smith - The Baddest Ass

Thomas Harris - Hannibal

Ian Truman - Tales of Lust, Hate & Despair

Douglas Trevor - Girls I know

Les Edgerton - Just Like That

Duane Swierczynski - Point & Shoot

Ryan Sayles - The Subtle Art of Brutality

Hugh Howey - Wool

Court Merrigan - Moondog Over The Mekong

Rob Roberge - Drive

Tom Piccirilli - Nightjack

Richard Godwin - One Lost Summer

Richard Thomas - Herniated Roots

William Peter Blatty - Legion

Roger Smith - Sacrifices

Nik Korpon - Stay God

L.A Noire - The Collected Stories

Harry Crews - A Feast of Snakes

Josh Stallings - All The Wild Children

Harlan Ellison - Harlan Ellison’s Watching

Hilary Davidson - The Black Widow Club

David Foster Wallace - The Pale King

Lee Goldberg & William Rabkin - The Dead Man Vol. 1

Nick Cutter - The Troop

Martin Stanley - The Gamblers

Rob Roberge - The Cost of Living

Rudy Yuly - Sparkle

Steve Weddle - Country Hardball

Jordan Harper - American Death Songs

Richard Thomas - Transubstantiate

Col Bury - The Cops of Manchester

Stephen King - Joyland

Chuck Klosterman - The Visible Man

Jon Bassoff - Corrosion

Ian Truman - The Factory Line

John Rector - Out of the Black

Travis Richardson - Lost in Clover

Jonathan Lethem - Motherless Brooklyn

Glenn Gray - The Little Boy Inside and Other Stories

Richard Stark - The Hunter

Josh Stallings - One More Body


I'm a pop culture blogger and author living in Montreal, Canada with my better half Josie and my dog Scarlett. I am a proud member of author collective Zelmer Pulp and have about a dozen of short stories published to my resume.


  1. If you leave The Hunter withour an award, Parker himself will punish you.

  2. You will find out tomorrow how much I liked it :)

  3. Well, you're eligible, Dan. Means I read you this year. But if you visit Pulp Curry today, you may find out a thing or two about what I really thought about PENANCE.

  4. Like Daniel, I'm very honored to be on the list. An awful lot of great books and great writers on here! I've read a lot of them but see some I missed and I'll be catching up.

  5. Eligibility only means I have read you during the year guys, it's with nomination that shit gets real.

  6. Yup. Very honored to be here. There are some huge names. Thank you, Ben.