About The Site

Dead End Follies was created in 2009 as a way for me to write every day and to blow some steam on different subjects. It sure has evolved since. Since then, I have started writing seriously, published a few stories and started reviewing books and movies on a regular basis. So what is Dead End Follies then? I don't know. I call it my intellectual headquarters, for lack of a better term. It's a personal blog first and foremost, but it's also a place where I try to encourage discussion about all things cultural.

This web site promotes civilized discussion. I'm not against muscled exchanges, but the key here is to be polite and to keep personal attacks off the comments section. If you feel one of my posts have offended you, please write me an email at benoitlelievre (at) gmail (dot) com , so we can discuss it politely, like two rational human beings. I have a very low tolerance level for internet drama, so if you feel like starting shit here, there's a good chance it's not gonna last long. But if I'm given a reason to retract myself, I will most likely edit what offended you. I like to think I'm a pretty accessible guy.

I also want to precise that Dead End Follies has absolutely no pretension to have any sort of Academic value. What you read here is my opinion only and has to be taken on a purely essayist context. I do not have the truth about anything and I don't think anybody on the blogosphere has (for all that matters). Please always keep in mind that Dead End Follies is a labor of love and that I'm here for the same reasons at you. Discussion.

Thank you for reading this

I hope to hear from you soon,