Dead End Follies Review Policy v5

* starting January 1st, 2017 *

  • Submit your books/screeners/albums to benoitlelievre (at) gmail (dot) com. Kindle format (.mobi) or paperback. This is for consideration only. Audience interest and thematic fit will be the judge of whether or not I read it. I'm not turning down anything, but I don't make guarantees. The priority of this site is the audience and not the authors. No, they aren't the same.
  • If I read your book, it guarantees you a Goodreads and an Amazon review. Not a blog review. There will be 6 book reviews a month starting on January of 2017, so 72 book reviews in total. Books I either highly recommend or profoundly detest will make it on the site.
  • Feel free to query site contributor Gabino Iglesias for reviews. Whatever he writes will not be factored in the aforementioned totals. I am not responsible for his TBR, though. 
  • Do you homework. This site has niche interests and I do not review every genre. If you don't think you're an editorial fit, please save us both the time and don't submit.
  • Pre-release reviews are good business for everyone, but please be reasonable about it and give me the book/movie/album a couple weeks before release so I can insert it in the editorial schedule.
  • Self-published material is immediately turned down unless recommended by someone I trust. Sorry, the quality just isn't there most times.