Book Review : Chris Rhatigan & Pablo D'Stair - you don't exist (2014)
Pablo D'Stair was BLEED THE GHOST EMPTY, by Pablo D'Stair. A nameless protagonist gets lost after driving off the tragedy that the genre has gotten us used to. I sligthly preferred Pablo D'Stair's piece because of its symbolic elements, yet Pablo D'Stair gives little to no background to his protagonist, so the reader stumbled upon Chris Rhatigan and Pablo D'Stair's YOU DON'T EXIST, a collection of two slim existential Book Review : Chris Rhatigan & Pablo D'Stair - you don't exist (2014) narrative playfulness that evened out the heavy tone of the story. D'Stair's a supremely confident
Movie Review : Hully Gully (2014)
Pablo D'Stair Pablo D'Stair's movie HULLY GULLY, because it was a nice throwback to my years of watching the I cheated, and I industriously grilled screenwriter and director Pablo D'Stair on Facebook before the famous Edgar Allan Poe story. D'Stair made a good argument about his movie being aggressively
Interview with Craig T. McNeely, editor of Double Life Press
Pablo D'Stair masterpiece of existential noir in the form of Pablo D'Stair's Trevor English. Three omnibus volumes
On Comedy, Millenials and Canadian Bacon, a Conversation with Andrew Hilbert
writers slated to have books out after the initial 3 who were Viharo, D'Stair, and me. The appeal
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