Book Review : John Rector - The Grove (2009)
pain the way John Rector does. THE GROVE is the story of Dexter McCray a Nebraska farmer who wakes up tone is the same, the darkness is the same, but in this book, the bare and raw style of John Rector wraps John Rector John Rector, let me tell you about it. When his publisher put the eBook version up for 1,99$ last his actions questionable. That's what I liked the best about it, John Rector is testing the reader's Book Review : John Rector - The Grove (2009)
Book Review : John Rector - Already Gone (2011)
John Rector Book Review : John Rector - Already Gone (2011) it all wrong. John Rector has a great gift to picture the subtle, wordless emotions that humans , but something about it just felt right. While it wasn't perfect, John Rector gets all the little . You will get a full report of my John Rector appreciation during the next few weeks, because I now
Book Review : John Rector - Lost Things (2012)
Country: USA Genre: Thriller Pages: 509 kb (eOriginal) Order LOST THINGS here Other John Rector Books Book Review : John Rector - Lost Things (2012) John Rector even in his downward spiral. A cool, unique thing about John Rector's books, is that he's a detail , and of things, ancient and dark, sliding cold under the surface. John Rector's stories all have a , quiet. All that moved was the wind and the lost things it carried. John Rector has a narrow, but precise
Book Review : John Rector - The Cold Kiss (2010)
Book Review : John Rector - The Cold Kiss (2010) John Rector Country: USA Genre: Thriller (with noir elements) Pages: 309 Buy it here It's the third John Rector novel , John Rector is a name you want to keep in mind. He writes in a similar style, but he definitively has ambitious project than THE GROVE, which was really perfect for what it was. John Rector didn't sit on his McCray's from THE GROVE, John Rector, seemingly conscious of that problem, put some distance in
Dead End Follies Book Club - December
John Rector Rector - The Grove Raymond Carver - What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Have you read any of those? * I will warn you again, don't worry Lehane - Darkness, Take My Hand Kurt Vonnegut - Mother Night James Ellroy - The Black Dahlia John
2013 Dead End Follies Awards - Categories & Eligible Works
Rector - Lost Things Chuck Palahniuk - Lullaby James Ellroy - Shakedown Edward Wright - From Blood One to Fall David Cranmer - The Education of a Pulp Writer Edward Bunker - Education of a Felon John Ian Truman - The Factory Line John Rector - Out of the Black Travis Richardson - Lost in Clover
Book Review : John Rector - Out of the Black (2013)
always something you couldn't have known. John Rector novels are stylistically peculiar and that . Overall, OUT OF THE BLACK was quite enjoyable. Matt Caine is John Rector's best define character since John Rector Book Review : John Rector - Out of the Black (2013) never heard about before on late night television? That's how I feel when I read a John Rector novel
Dead End Follies Awards 2012 - Eligibility List
Richard Russo - Empire Falls Paul Harding - Tinkers Ray Banks - Dead Money John Rector - The Cold Collector Anne R. Allen - The Gatsby Game John Rector - The Grove Anthony Neil Smith - All The Young here is the list of eligible works. John Rector - Already Gone Leonard Fritz - In Nine Kinds Of Pain
Dead End Follies Awards - The List Of Eligible Works For 2011
will be eligible for next year is the book I'm reading right now, ALREADY GONE by John Rector. Eligible
Movie Review : In the Kitchen With... (2016)
My review of Paul von Stoetzel's short film In the Kitchen With... based on the short story by John Rector. Starring Sam Landman, Julie Ann Nevill and Madison Olimb, who will haunt your dreams. six minutes and a half long and it is based on a short story by John Rector, who's work I frequently John Rector
Literary Blog Hop - Art Criticism and the Self
review I've read on the web during the last two weeks is Sabrina Ogden's review of John Rector's latest
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