The 2014 Dead End Follies Year-End List
eligible* Mark Leyner - The Tetherballs of Bougainville Dennis Tafoya - The Poor Boy’s Game Richard Pete Dexter - The Paperboy Jennifer Hillier - The Butcher Richard Stark - The Score Mike Offit State Trevor Ferguson - The River Burns Richard Stark - The Man with the Getaway Face Hilary Davidson - Drift James M. Cain - Double Indemnity Christopher Irvin - Federales Richard Stark - The Mourner July Tom Pitts - Piggyback Richard Stark - The Jugger Joe Clifford - Wake the Undertaker Tom Pitts
Book Review : Richard Stark - The Mourner (1963)
outdated sometimes. Richard Stark's view of the people behind the Iron Curtain is paranoid to a point flaws. But where to go from there, to avoid falling in a stale and lifeless relationship? Richard . It's liberating to read a gritty novel that doesn't try its hardest to be gritty. Richard Stark was Richard Stark Book Review : Richard Stark - The Mourner (1963) objectives. It's noise to him. Richard Stark drags him into these long, convoluted conversations he needs Handy McKay are being pushed into a conflict they don't see the entire picture of. Richard Stark has a
Dead End Follies Awards - The Nominations
Book Review : Richard Stark - The Man with the Getaway Face (1963)
Richard Stark. The Parker series have sprawled over several decades and kept its crippling dialogue and . So by definition, Richard Stark is a G. The mysterious Parker paid a visit to a plastic surgeon at .'' Richard Stark keeps Parker fresh in the second volume of the series by keeping close to the adventure Richard Stark Book Review : Richard Stark - The Man with the Getaway Face (1963) brand new face comes with its own set of issues. In THE MAN WITH THE GETAWAY FACE, Richard Stark keeps
Book Review : Richard Stark - The Outfit (1963)
.'' Richard Stark's Parker series offers a particularly satisfying twist on serial fiction: instead of have read the first two novels. For long stretches in the novel, Parker is absent, yet Richard Stark has Book Review : Richard Stark - The Outfit (1963) novels usually come with at least one groundbreaking idea and THE OUTFIT is no different. Richard Stark heavily criticizes the idea of organized crime in this novel, which is interesting because it's a Richard Stark robbery. Implicitness and allusions are one of Richard Stark's greatest strength as a writer. Parker
Book Review : Richard Stark - The Jugger (1965)
became a lesser novel than the first five volume of the Parker series. Hard to begrudge Richard Stark for Book Review : Richard Stark - The Jugger (1965) Richard Stark Stark, but it feels like padding here, because THE JUGGER is kind of a claustrophobic clusterfuck Richard Stark himself as one of the weaker points of the series * and rightfully so. It's not a bad an entire part that discusses what happened to Scheer, which is not unfamiliar practice for Richard
Book Review : Richard Stark - The Hunter (1962)
. Westlake's most famous alter ego is Richard Stark, official name behind the Parker cult novels. THE HUNTER Richard Stark Book Review : Richard Stark - The Hunter (1962)
Book Review : Richard Stark - The Score (1964)
Book Review : Richard Stark - The Score (1964) . It's quiet, yet eerie and atmospheric. Richard Stark writes the heist of THE SCORE like Salvador Richard Stark similar material is crucial to keep things fresh. It's not the first time Richard Stark's Parker series
Dead End Follies Awards - The Winners
Richard Stark is a thoroughly unique object. WINNER FOR BEST CRIME NOVEL THE HUNTER, by Richard Stark For the
Movie Review : Parker (2013)
details that made Richard Stark's novel so much fun to read. For example, nobody ever dumb for the Richard Stark , because his popularity has transcended the interest of genre fans. Richard Stark's Parker might me
Notable Reads of 2014
Richard Stark year. In chronological order of publication. Richard Stark - The Score (1964) Read the Review For
2013 Dead End Follies Awards - Categories & Eligible Works
Jonathan Lethem - Motherless Brooklyn Glenn Gray - The Little Boy Inside and Other Stories Richard Stark - The Hunter Josh Stallings - One More Body
Book Review : Garnett Elliott - Scorched Noir (2015)
good chance you're not as good as Richard Stark at writing career criminals and there's an even
Movie Review : Payback (1999)
written by Donald E. Westlake A.K.A Richard Stark. I had a very good memory of that movie, but since I
Movie Review : Get the Gringo (2012)
action movies. He's a natural. Remember him in Richard Stark's adaptation PAYBACK? Or better yet, his
Book Review : Rob Hart - City of Rose (2016)
mastered the lean and direct hardboiled style, kind of half way between John D. MacDonald and Richard Stark. The
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, they are tireless workaholics (Richard Stark's Parker), idealists with guns (Boyd Crowder) or power
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