Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Review : Todd Robinson - The Hard Bounce (2012)


''He's not gay; he just likes to fuck dead things''

Let me give you a peak into a mildly successful book reviewer's existence. I've ordered THE HARD BOUNCE, by Todd Robinson from Amazon last July, because it's difficult to find in Canadian book stores and I've meant to read it since forever. Given that it was a personal read, and that personal reads are lower in my review priority, it took me four and a half months to get to. What can I say? I didn't choose the book reviewer's life, the book reviewer's life chose me. Did THE HARD BOUNCE live up to over a year of anticipation? Yeah, it somewhat did. It's a fun novel that puts fresh faces on classic concepts and with a good understanding of what it is that makes hardboiled fiction so special. It was worh the wait, but don't be an idiot like me. Don't read it in two years, read it now. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Book Review : Ed Kurtz - Dead Trash : A Zombie Exploitation Quadruple Feature (2013)

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Sending Zeke to Hell was all Irma had.

Some of my favourite moments of my late high school/early college years were spent in the basement of my friend Bob, exploring the rich legacy of B-movies at our local video club like two young and horny Indiana Jones with nowhere else to go. This is the closest I've ever been to drive-in/exploitation culture, a phenomenon that died down around the time I was born. It's been extremely difficult ever since to find works that could replicate the same energy, the same earnest desire to sell you the insane and unhealthy ideas. Ed Kurtz' novella DEAD TRASH is more of a polite love letter to B-movies than a bona fide revival of the movement's philosophy, but it's accuracy and its untamed originality had the effect of a charleyhorse on my nostalgia muscle.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Book Review : Daniel Friedman - Don't Ever Look Back (2014)


''A man's trustworthy only until you leave him alone with something that's worth more to him than his reputation.''

I have a soft spot for senior citizens. They are all facing the unique and terrifying ordeal of becoming more fragile and vulnerable by the day in complete solitude. The lucky ones lose their mind before their body gives up on them, but the process of natural death is equally frightening for everyone. Some go through it with more gusto than others, though, like Buck Schatz. Daniel Friedman's elderly hardboiled detective made a spectular debut in 2012 with DON'T EVER GET OLD, a novel with much sharper fangs than your run-of-the-mill detective mystery. Guess what? He is back in 2014, older and meaner than before in DON'T EVER LOOK BACK