Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Movie Review : Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Everybody and their moms have seen GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY this summer. The aforementioned groups of people and the women who gave them birth seem to have enjoyed it, too. That poses an interesting set of questions to this reviewer: should I even bother seeing the movie and if I do, will I have anything original to say about it? GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and I were a fatality, I suppose. It was bound to happen. Relax if you think I'm going to destroy the movie, because I won't. It's a competent summer blockbuster and an above average Marvel movie. You have to appreciate a movie that juggles a major budget, several Hollywood egos, another comic book legacy and manages not to fuck up.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Book Review : Les Edgerton - The Genuine, Imitation, Plastic Kidnapping (2014)

(available on September 30, 2014)

(also reviewed)
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''I'll need a cup of coffee before you begin. I hate getting raped before I've had my coffee.'' 

This wasn't going exactly as I'd envisioned it.

Storytellers are misunderstood people. Everybody loves being told a good story, but nobody would admit that stories play a critical part in their lives, and they absolutely do. Whether you're being sucked down a black hole of a television series for an entire weekend, or that you're being entertained by a co-worker's crazy story at work, a good story makes the difference between a memorable day and a forgotten one. Les Edgerton is an author and a tremendous storyteller who writes novels like that fascinating guy at the bar would tell you the story of his life. His upcoming novel THE GENUINE, IMITATION, PLASTIC KIDNAPPING is about the craziest, most intricate bar story you've ever been told. I wouldn't call it an emotional journey (I don't think it was the point, anyway), but it's a wicked good time.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Book Review : Alden Jones - Unaccompanied Minors (2014)


I came to Costa Rica to get away from people like you. I went as far away from you as I could get, and here you are.

I've tried to explain to Josie once why her music was making my ears bleed. It's a complicated, gender-based issue. For exemple, if a young Lemmy Kilmister gets dumped, he is going to write an angry rock n' roll song about booze, titty bars and unnecessary violence. Now, if Sarah McLachlan writes a song for the same reason, it's going to be a quiet, mounrful song about keeping your dignity and moving on with your life into an incertain tomorrow. I don't read nearly enough female readers for that same reason: I don't feel an intimate relationship to what they do. I did, however feel the pull of Alden Jones' fiction. UNACCOMPANIED MINORS is a neurotic, self-sufficient short story collection that highlights the powerful economy of style of Ms. Jones. It's a smart and mature first step ino the literary landscape.