Friday, October 31, 2014

Book Review : Nick Cutter - The Deep (2015)

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That's how it went with the 'Gets: you forgot the little things first, then the not-so-little thing, then the big ones. Next, the critical ones. In time, your heart forgot how to beat, your lungs how to breathe. You die knowing nothing at all.

Happy Halloween, I guess.

You know what scares me above all else? Don't laugh too hard: aliens. Fucking space horror movies terrify me to no end. Why is that so? I asked myself that question over and over again and the answer is rather obvious: the unknown. The greatest fear of the human race. I guess I'm not that special. The idea that my notion of reality might be just an insignificant reflection of what the universe really is paralyzes me with fear. This very idea is the subject of Nick Cutter's new novel THE DEEP and it should've struck me down with fear like some kind of telepath boogeyman. It didn't happen. THE DEEP had a couple genuine moments of  pure horror, but it's a flawed novel with pacing issues that waltzed with my suspension of disbelief a little too often to live up to its ambitious goals. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Movie Review : Grudge Match (2013)

If you look closely enough, you're going to see the hired guns of Hollywood hiding on the hills, wearing camouflage, ducking behind the letters and trying to shove a mediocre, studio-ordered screenplay up your ass when you're not looking. There are two types of big budget screenplay, really: the passionate work of art (that's been written by an already proven seller) and the product, written by several hired screenwriters, that's trying to squeeze a buck out of whatever the targeted demographic has been buying into. Unfortunately, GRUDGE MATCH belong to the second category. It's not a bad movie, per se, it's just so meaningless that it hurts. It hurts the Sylvester Stallone fan in me. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Book Review : Jon Bassoff - Factory Town (2014)


(also reviewed)
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What does the history of Factory Town have to do with anything?

A legacy of sin, she said. Hell on Earth. A town in need of death.

I used to be afraid of hell, when I was a little boy. I was raised in a non-practicing  Catholic family who used every trick in the book to bottle up and channel a kid's energy into positive endeavours. In perspective, it was a stupid scheme because I didn't even know what hell looked like, I just didn't want to get stuck with all the shitty people for enernity, which leads me to my point here: there is a hell for everyone. A place where reality is constructed from your worst possible fears. A place like FACTORY TOWN, the latest demented invention of boundary-challenging genre author Jon Bassoff. The little boy in me would've died a million deaths in Factory Town, yet couldn't have managed his way out of it.