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March's Readers Choice : Glue, by Constance Ann Fitzgerald

March's Readers Choice : Glue, by Constance Ann Fitzgerald

Oh hi!

In case you weren't on Facebook on Saturday, March 11 to witness the draw live, the winner for this month's Reader's Choice review is Glue, by Constance Ann Fitzgerald. I have been inexplicably blessed with short books since the start of this process: 38, 83 and now 86 pages, respectively. I've had the privilege to interview Constance for the month I dedicated to women's writing last year, so I invite you to read that in preparation. I have no idea what Glue is about, but I'm sure it's pretty fucking great because she is someone with her creative nuts and bolts in all the right places. The suggestion came from Kelby Losack.

Now, there were officially 21 suggestions so I WILL open up a movie ballot for April just like I promised and that ballot is going to work exactly like the book ballot did. Although, I'm thinking of changing the way the book vote is going to work in April because of weird coincidences that keep happening. The three short books in a row, for example. Or the fact that I've drawn two Lazy Fascist Press books in two months. Another weird thing: I use random.org to draw the winner and twice in three months now, #1 has come up. Randomness might make me seem fishy in the long run. So it may turn into a popular vote after all.

Here were the other entries. Participants could suggest up to five titles:

Kameron Hurley - Stars are Legion (suggested by Adrian Shotbolt)

Jeff Strand - Blister (suggested by Adrian Shotbolt)

Robert Swartwood - Temple (suggested by Adrian Shotbolt)

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Total Recall (suggested by Adrian Shotbolt)

Carlton Mellick III - Exercise Bike (suggested by Adrian Shotbolt)

Matthew Stokoe - Cows (suggested by Christoph Paul)

Matt Ruff - Lovecraft Country (suggested by Larry Prater)

M.R Carey - The Girl with All the Gifts (suggested by Larry Prater)

William Ryan - The Darkening Field (suggested by Larry Prater)

Philip Kerr - A Man Without Breath (suggested by Larry Prater)

Nick Turse - Kill Everything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam (suggested by George Cotronis)

Todd Keisling - The Final Reconciliation (suggested by Dan Schwent)

Kristen Lepionka - The Last Place You Look (suggested by Dan Schwent)

Andrew Sullivan - Waste (suggested by Sam Wiebe)

H.L Humes - Men Die (suggested by Jonathan Bravard)

Hubert Selby Jr. - Requiem for a Dream (suggested by Ryan Bracha)

Grady Hendrix - Satan Loves You (suggested by Ryan Bracha)

Kristopher Rufty - The Vampire of Plainfield (suggested by Ryan Beauchamp)

Matthew M. Bartlett - Creeping Waves (suggested by Ryan Beauchamp)

Aaron Dries - The Fallen Boys (suggested by Ryan Beauchamp)

Stay tuned! My review of Glue SHOULD be next week or during a special weekend edition. The audience choice's book and movie ballot for April should open soon after that!




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