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Choose What I'll Read Next...March Edition

Choose What I'll Read Next...March Edition

So, we've been through this exercise twice already. So far, so good. I could've done without the gay erotica book in January but even that wasn't SO bad, all things considered. I got thirteen suggestions in February (fourteen if you count the lone Twitter vote) and I'm looking to build off that momentum this month : I want you guys to give me at least 20 titles to choose from in March. February's pick turned out to be fantastic, so let it all out. Invite your friends to submit review suggestions. Share this post. Go to town, guys. GO TO TOWN

Here were the suggestions for February:

Ottessah Moshfegh - Homesick for Another World

Patrick O'Brian - Master and Commander

Joe Hill - The Fireman

Claudine Dumont - Captive

Hubert Selby Jr. - Requiem for a Dream

Irvine Welsh - Bedroom Secrets of the Master Chefs

Bill Beverly - Dodgers

James Clavell - Shogun

Jack O'Connell - Word Made Flesh

Matthew Stokoe - Cows

Todd Keisling - The Final Reconciliation

Tom Spanbauer - I Loved You More

And here are the rules again, so that you lovelies don't exaggerate:

1) Multiple Entries are accepted AND encouraged. Try to limit yourself at five, though. So that it remains fair for everybody.

2) One book per author. Name four horror novels if you want, but only one Stephen King.

3) Name the author AND title, Any suggestion that doesn't contain both will be disregarded.

4) Try and stick to whatever title you'd like my opinion on. Whether it's an author you love, hate or are on the fence about reading. I keep myself a discretionary right of disregarding suggestions I believe wouldn't be enjoyed by anyone except the person suggesting (i.e. their own book). 

5) Only two voting channels are in the comment section here AND on the related FB posts. I had a Twitter vote last month and despite my best intentions, I completely forgot it while compiling votes. So, comment section and FB only, beautiful people.

6) New month, new list. If you want to suggest the same book than last month, re-enter it under this post. If there isn't an existing review of it, I'm opened to reading it.

I will hold the draw on MARCH 10 on Facebook LIVE like I usually do, so you guy can see for yourself that I don't cheat and just pick the book I want to review. So, I want to hear YOU guys. Take control of Dead End Follies for a day and decide what I'm going to feature. If you deliver and make more than 20 suggestions THIS MONTH, I will add a vote for movies for April, so get voting and SHARE THE WORD!



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