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Vote for My Next Movie Review...June Edition

Vote for My Next Movie Review...June Edition

Don't go anywhere. This is that OTHER time of the month where I need you to suggest movies for me to review. Last month's winning suggestion was great, except for the fact eight people in the world (self included) remember the movie once existed. It was perfect anyway because of how different it was from the movies I got in April. Let your imagination run wild, beautiful people. You are allowed to make me suffer. Make me watch something unwatchable or incomprehensible and let me sort it out. Maybe you want help figuring out what to think about something you've seen recently? Hit me. Do your worst. Only suggestions I will dismiss are porn and gruesome internet videos. I'm opened to anything else for as long as I haven't reviewed it on this site yet. Now is your chance to make me work. 

Here are the winners from past months:

Sorcerer (April)

Black Dynamite (April)

Deep Crimson (May)

So, here are the rules. 

1) Multiple Entries are accepted AND encouraged. Try to limit yourself at five, though. So that it remains fair for everybody.

2) Try and stick to whatever title you'd like my opinion on. Whether it's an author you love, hate or are on the fence about reading. I keep myself a discretionary right of disregarding suggestions I believe wouldn't be enjoyed by anyone except the person suggesting (i.e. some sickening internet video).

3) Only ONE voting channel now, guys. PLEASE vote on the Facebook post, so I can have all the suggestions in the same place for Woobox. I'll place the link to it in the comment section, so you guys only have to click through to get to it.

4) New month, new list. If you want to suggest the same book than last month, re-enter it under this post. If there isn't an existing review of it, I'm opened to reading it.

5) Super rare movies MIGHT get dismissed if I cannot find a copy in time. 

6) No television series or movie I've already reviewed. 

I will draw the winner on June 16 via Facebook Live. Give it to me. I want to break the record for most suggestions.


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Movie Review : Equilibrium (2002)

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