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Choose What I'll Read...May Edition

Choose What I'll Read...May Edition

I should probably suspend this monthly vote thing for May because I've said yes to a couple time-consuming project already, but I'm not going to. This is going too well to stop and I'm a glutton for punishment after all. Making it fit inside a 31 days schedule is on me. Last month was almost a best case scenario: I picked a whopping 550 pages-long novel from an author everyone forgot about, it was great, I was able to squeeze it in without pushing any scheduled books back and it came from someone I hadn't picked before.

So why not tempt fate again, right? Send me your best book recommendation this month again, guys. I want over 20 titles again! Whatever you'd like to have my opinion on. Here are reviews of the monthly draw winners so far.

Chuck Tingle - Pounded in the Butt By My Own Butt (January)

Sean Kilpatrick - Sucker June (February)

Constance Ann Fitzgerald - Glue (March)

Robert McCammon - Boy's Life (April)


Now, for the voting rules:

1) Multiple Entries are accepted AND encouraged. Try to limit yourself at five, though. So that it remains fair for everybody.

2) One book per author. Name four horror novels if you want, but only one Stephen King.

3) Name the author AND title, Any suggestion that doesn't contain both will be disregarded.

4) Try and stick to whatever title you'd like my opinion on. Whether it's an author you love, hate or are on the fence about reading. I keep myself a discretionary right of disregarding suggestions I believe wouldn't be enjoyed by anyone except the person suggesting (i.e. their own book). 

5) Only ONE voting channel now, guys. PLEASE vote on the Facebook post, so I can have all the suggestions in the same place for Woobox. I'll place the link to it in the comment section, so you guys only have to click through to get to it.

6) New month, new list. If you want to suggest the same book than last month, re-enter it under this post. If there isn't an existing review of it, I'm opened to reading it.

7) Super rare books MIGHT get dismissed if I cannot get them delivered in time. It happened last month, two Greek books were suggested and  they would've have arrived for March so I scrapped them from the draw.

This time, I will hold the draw on May 5 via Facebook Live. This is Friday of THIS WEEK, so make sure to vote in time. I have you guys two weeks for the first couple months, but it was way longer than necessary. Too few people voted on the second week. Sometimes none at all. So get on Facebook, vote, invite friends. Do what you gotta do. Let's beat the 21 suggestions record.

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