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Choose What I'll Read...April Edition

Choose What I'll Read...April Edition

So, I've been thinking. March's random draw for your suggestion didn't pan out quite like I wanted it to. The selected book turned out to be great, but random.org inexplicably selected the first boo on the list again and it turned out to be a Lazy Fascist Press book again. Theoretically, there is no problem with this. My only problem is that it's been two books from the same press two months in a row and that random.org picked the first book on the list two thirds of the time. Now, I love reading your suggestions, but before scrapping the random draw model, I'll give it another chance using Woobox, another system for random draws. It will entail a slight change in the voting rules, so make sure to read the bottom part of this post. In the meantime, I invite you to read the reviews from the three first months' suggestions:

Chuck Tingle - Pounded in the Butt by My Own Butt (January) 

Sean Kilpatrick - Sucker June (February)

Constance Ann Fitzgerald - Glue (March)

Now, for the voting rules:

1) Multiple Entries are accepted AND encouraged. Try to limit yourself at five, though. So that it remains fair for everybody.

2) One book per author. Name four horror novels if you want, but only one Stephen King.

3) Name the author AND title, Any suggestion that doesn't contain both will be disregarded.

4) Try and stick to whatever title you'd like my opinion on. Whether it's an author you love, hate or are on the fence about reading. I keep myself a discretionary right of disregarding suggestions I believe wouldn't be enjoyed by anyone except the person suggesting (i.e. their own book). 

5) Only ONE voting channel now, guys. PLEASE vote on the Facebook post, so I can have all the suggestions in the same place for Woobox. I'll place the link to it in the comment section, so you guys only have to click through to get to it.

6) New month, new list. If you want to suggest the same book than last month, re-enter it under this post. If there isn't an existing review of it, I'm opened to reading it.

7) Super rare books MIGHT get dismissed if I cannot get them delivered in time. It happened last month, two Greek books were suggested and  they would've have arrived for March so I scrapped them from the draw.

I will hold the draw on Facebook LIVE on April 8! Twenty-one (21) suggestions is the number to beat, so get on Facebook, vote, invite friends. Do what you gotta do. This is getting fun!


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