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Closing to review submissions indefinitely

Closing to review submissions indefinitely

If you pop the site's menu on top left and browse through the options, you'll notice one is missing: my review policy for books, films and albums. It's not a mistake and I didn't take it down for a revamp of any sort, it's gone. And it's going to stay gone. I'm not taking any more submissions for feature reviews. I wasn't kidding when I told you things were going to change in 2018.

There are many reasons why I'm doing this:

1) The quality simply isn't there. I'm turning down 99% of what the submissions I receive and whenever I accept one, it disappoints me four times out of five. So, that's a lot of time and energy spent on art that leaves me unsatisfied, like bad sex.

2) Whenever that happens, it always turns a less interesting piece and that, I'm trying to cut off the site altogether. This site was created in order to discuss stimulating books, movies and album (whether good or bad), so I'm not interested in turning 'meh' reviews. Both you and I aren't here for those.

3) There are a lot of boring reviews out there and proximity to authors is a reason for it. Reviewers are hanging out with writers, getting their books from them (for free), and they end up writing reviews for them instead of developing their audience. I've done it. If you're a reviewer, you've done it. It's time to take responsibility for this shit and I've decided to lead by example.

4) Reviews, especially for books, are largely perceived to be a promotional vehicle. It shouldn't be like this and I want it to change. No reviewer owes you a good review. They owe the handful of people reading their site not to con them into buying shitty books. The handing of advance review copies has turned into quasi-pimping and I'm done with feeling like a parasite to self-important publicists.

I'm aware this move raises a lot of questions. I'll try my best to answer them.

Is this a belated April's Fools?


Does it mean you won't be writing reviews anymore?

No. It just means I'm going to write reviews for books that I buy for myself, with my own money. If I want an advance copy of your book, I'm going to ask you for it. You just can't offer it to me, anymore.

So, you won't be supporting indie authors from now on?

There will totally be indie authors features. I just bought Chris Campanioni's Drift, from King Shot Press and I intend on featuring it in April. It's only 5$, so buy it you cheapass.

What if you've already accepted my novel?

I'll review it to the best of my abilities. There will be a gradual phasing out period.

What if you liked my novels/films in the past and I want to send you my latest?

If you know where to find me, we'll talk about it. If you don't, it means I didn't like your books all that much.

That's about it. 

Questions? Comments? Hatred?

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